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Static Rewards, LP Acquisition, Manual Burn, Genius Wallet

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4% LP Acquisition

A good project has liquidity

2% of each transaction collected in Genius is sold back to BNB and married up with the 2% remaining before being put back in the DEX liquidity pool. This reward Holders and discourage whale sellers.

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Card Illustration

3% Static Rewards

It’s all about community... We are Genius

3% of the transaction is distributed to every wallet that holds Genius. The more Genius you hold, the biggest reward you get.

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Card Illustration

2% Genius Wallet

Change the world... our mission

2% of the transaction is collected by the Genius contract and sold into BNB that is reserved to be collected by the Genius wallet.

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Card Illustration

1% Development fee

Content is King

1% of the transaction is collected and sold to BNB then sent to the « business wallet » for improvement and promotion.

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Token distribution.

Symbol : GENIUS

Total Supply : 100 000 000 000

Locked Liquidity : 40 000 000 000

Manual Burn : 20 000 000 000

Presale Allocation : 20 000 000 000

Marketing : 15 000 000 000

Team : 5 000 000 000

Locked LiquidityManual BurnPresale AllocationMarketingTeam

Locked Liquidity



100% guarantee for the community.

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Infinity LP Lock

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Locked transaction Liquidity

Safety Illustration

Community has power over Genius Wallet